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Basketball One-Pass Away Defense - Rookie Road

Being one pass away on defense is one of the most important parts of team defense and overall defensive philosophy for a team. These players have a few different choices depending on multiple factors like the pressure they want to apply, the talent of the player they are guarding, etc. The defensive player generally has the choice to play straight up, sag off, or apply pressure denying a pass to that player.

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One-Pass Away Defense. In this video, a youth coach demonstrates how to play basketball defense when the ball is one pass away from the man that you're guarding. Use this drill to practice disrupting the other team's offensive flow by playing deny defense in their passing lanes. Coach: Bill Thom. Welcome, visitor!

One-on-One Defense, One Pass Away Drill | TeamSnap

This basketball drill focuses on defending the man one pass away from the basketball. This is a one-on-one drill where the defender is trying to get in the passing lane between the basketball and the offensive player. The defender always wants to stay between the ball and the basket, and between the basket and his man.

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FOLLOW: twitter.com/bballSourceG+: http://bit.ly/15yjZVYCoach Nick gets on the court to demonstrate why helping one pass away is so devastating to a defense,...

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When defending the ball one pass away, you can either "Deny" the perimeter pass or "Contest", or allow the perimeter pass. Deny the Perimeter Pass: If you've got a really quick team and you're going to rely on causing a lot of turnovers, you may want to position your perimeter players in the passing lane to deny the pass.

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Differences between guarding the players who are one-pass or two-passes away from the basketball. When guarding a player who is one pass away from the ball, the defender should get in the passing lane between his man and the ball, denying the pass. His body should face his opponent, with head turned slightly, allowing him to see both ball and man.

47 Basketball Defense Tips (Become a Great Defender)

Here are 5 of the most common phrases players should communicate on basketball defense: 1. “Ball, ball ball” – Used by the defender guarding the basketball. 2. “Deny, deny, deny” – Use by the defender one-pass away denying their opponent. 3.

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When the defender forces the dribbler to pick up the ball, he should close up or "belly up", on the player and try to prevent a good pass. Now the defensive player should be in a parallel stance with both arms extended as high as possible to force the lob pass.