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You probably wear these shorts while on the basketball court or during Netflix binge-watching at home. “The 11-inch short is more of a basketball short length," Campa says.

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Gym shorts are shorter. Think 7" inseam. Longer than running shorts but shorter than basketball shorts (although many people do wear basketball shorts to the gym).

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What makes running shorts better than basketball shorts is how much lighter the material used is, how they don't bunch up between your legs, and how they wick sweat away from your body. Also even when totally soaked they don't weigh nearly as much as basketball shorts.

Why don't more guys run in basketball shorts?

Actually, in pix of basketball players from around the 1970s or so, the shorts are pretty short--more like today's running shorts. XC Skater 8 years ago 09/18/2012 6:16pm CDT

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If you’re regularly running long distances, get a decent pair of running shorts (mesh basketball shorts aren’t running shorts). The other advantage to the liners in these shorts is that they protect your modesty and help prevent scandalizing innocent bystanders when you stretch and warm up: they keep the dangly bits safely in your shorts before reason number 1, above, kicks in.

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Running shorts tend to be super lightweight, and the generally have a liner (if you're a dude), so you don't need to wear compression shorts or something underneath. I like shorts that hit mid-thigh most of the time, but if you're feeling fast some 1in inseam split shorts can be great too.