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Soccer Field Terms - A Basic Reference Guide

Pitch – Another word for the field. Sideline – common word for the touchline. Touchline – the line that runs along the length of each side of the field. Commonly called the sideline in other sports. Don’t forget to check out my soccer book and soccer video recommendations!

What Is a “Pitch” in Soccer? – Your Soccer Home

A soccer pitch is another name for a soccer field. Whether you choose to call the ground a field or a pitch mostly depends on where you are from or where you are based. In North America, for example, it is uncommon for someone to refer to a sports ground as a “pitch,” and the term “field” is much more prevalent.

Why Is a Soccer Field Called a PItch? | Diary of a Word Nerd

Since the end of the 17th century, the process of pitching stumps into the ground to set up a game of cricket has been called “pitching the stumps”. By the late 1800s, people started using “pitch” as a noun to describe a playing area. By 1900, pitch was used specifically for a football (or soccer) playing area. Pitch = playing area. In England, the term “field” usually refers to an open space, as in a pasture or grassy area, not a playing area.

Soccer Terms Glossary

The player leans sideways, throws his legs upward, and volleys the ball forward with a scissor-like motion as the kicking leg passes forward over the other leg. Not to be confused with the Bicycle...

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Field: The area that the soccer game is played on; also known as the pitch. The exact dimensions vary depending on the league you’re playing in, and even then, most leagues or tournaments don’t have exact specifications.

A Short Glossary of All the Soccer Terms and Player Positions ...

Terms Related to Pitch Dimensions. Center Line. The center line is the line drawn across the pitch which divides its length into two equal parts. Center Spot. The center spot is the spot at the center of the center line, and is the spot from which the teams kick off at the start of either half of the game, or once a goal has been scored. Corner Arc

A to Z Glossary of Football and Soccer Terms

Pitch. Soccer games are played on the pitch . Play on. A term used by referees to indicate that no foul or stoppage is to be called; used by referees when applying the Advantage Law. Play, conditioned. Applying an artificial restriction, e.g. all players must pass the ball on the first touch. Play, cross-over

Football Terminology - Topend Sports

Pitch: The soccer field of play. Red Card: A red card is issued to a player when that player has committed a serious infraction or has been issued with two yellow cards within the same game. The red card held up by the referee to signal that a player is being sent off.